Because every school’s criminal…

Inky Stevens the Great School Detective.
The Case of the Caretaker’s Keys.

The Great School Detective



Inky Stevens.
For Whom the School-Bell Tolls.

The Great School Detective



Inky hits the ground running!

Reclusive teenager, Inky Stevens, has a talent which sets him apart from everyone else at Blinkton Comprehensive School… a unique ability to solve mysteries. And in that capacity he’s tenacious, single-minded and ruthless.
In ‘the Case of the Caretaker’s Keys’ it’s Blinkton School’s troubled caretaker, Frederick Varley, who calls on Inky for assistance. Fred’s school-keys have been stolen and the desperate old man has just two days to find them. Yet with so many areas unlocked and the culprit still at large, Blinkton School lies vulnerable and exposed.
Fred’s able to identify four possible suspects to the dreadful crime…
Spud Barton, Blinkton’s shaven-headed bully.
Candy Sugarcane, the empty-headed glamour-puss.
Crispin Merridew, the brainbox in short trousers. And
Mr Wilfred Whitkirk, the immaculately dressed Science-technician.
For Inky Stevens the clock is ticking. His case takes him headlong towards a shocking, sinister conclusion...
At Blinkton School a violent storm is brewing…!



Inky’s back in his second enthralling whodunit!

Three months after Inky’s first appearance Blinkton-on-Sea finds itself gripped by the fiercest winter in living memory. But the weather isn’t the town’s most pressing problem. When a battered Citroën slides through its backstreets late one night, a sequence of events begins to unfold which culminates in a sinister battle of good versus evil.
When a mystery figure sabotages a crucial Maths exam by setting off Blinkton School’s fire alarm, a desperate hunt is on to find the culprit. Inky Stevens, rising to the challenge, finds himself drawn into a mystery which extends far beyond the school-gates. Blinkton, he discovers, is harbouring a deadly secret, one which will bring the Great School Detective face to face with his most deadly adversary. His latest mission threatens not only to destroy Inky, but also the very existence of the isolated seaside town.